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Image by Jordan Whitt


Growing with Nature is a heartfelt journey of nature connection that child and adult embark on together, leading us to a life that is more purposeful, present, and playful. We connect through the universal language of play. We embrace a slower pace that invites in more presence and intention. In nature we don’t only have fun, but we find ways to learn about respect, empathy, kindness and harmony. 


Growing with Nature is a program for families and educators who value and support nature-based play and learning. It is an inclusive movement that can be easily integrated into a wide range of lifestyles and educational approaches.

Some of our families have chosen the path of home education, while others have embarked on the exciting journey of unschooling. Many others use our nature-based programs to complement traditional schooling approach.

The bottom line is that children need nature. Families need nature. If this resonates with you, then you will find this to be a welcoming space.

We are delighted to tell you that our program Growing with Nature is now available as a book - with a year-long program to follow at your own pace. Order your copy today.


We offer regular nature play gatherings on the Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia and connect with hundreds of families, schools and communities around the world through our Growing with Nature program. Our approach is:

Child led - Children are given the time and freedom to explore at their own pace, following their natural curiosity, instinct and ideas. There is no schedule, and children are unhurried in their explorations - in fact they are encouraged to take time to observe, reflect, make decisions and evaluate risks.

Gentle and respectful - We encourage children to move gently in the natural environment, among their peers, and in their use of tools. We observe changes and transformations in the natural surroundings, learn about nature's rhythms and seasonal changes. Over time, children develop a deep sense of ownership and connection to that space. An increasing sense of security and self-confidence fosters their growing independence.

Supportive of risk-taking and adventure - Kids know how much risk they can handle, and since they are unhurried they have the invaluable opportunity to try and repeat until they can master a task. Adults offer support and supervision but there is minimal interference. This does not mean, of course, that we put our children at risk. We take safety very, very seriously.​​​

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