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A year of play, creativity, rituals and mindfulness following the rhythm of nature

This deeply connecting book beckons us to step outside, inviting us to play, interact and forge profound connections with the natural world. It is a call to immerse ourselves in the embrace of nature and open our eyes and hearts to the boundless gifts it has to share. Following the rhythm of the Australian seasons, each month we invite the wonders of nature into our homes and playtime through the following categories:

Earth Magic

Plant and animal allies that will guide us in our explorations
In the Kitchen

Nourishing recipes to create with love and mindful presence
Full Moon

Harnessing the energy of lunar cycles through special activities and celebrations
Nature Play 

Outdoor adventures and crafts that spark imagination and curiosity
Stories and Mindfulness

Inspiring tales and mindfulness prompts to instil a sense of presence and gratitude

Growing with Nature is an experiential journey, created to inspire and empower parents and educators to embrace a way of learning that is timeless, that invites mutual exploration and fun, and where the learning appears invisible at times, but occurs none the less. With step-by-step instructions, full colour images and a beautiful hardcover for durability, Growing with Nature is a book to be cherished for years.

Growing with Nature will officially launch on 8 December, 2023. Being a busy time of the year, both for printing and shipping, we highly recommend pre-ordering a copy if you would like to receive it before Christmas.

Printed in Australia

Over 300 pages of plastic free, sustainable activities

Hardcover, full colour pages

Supporting local businesses

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