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Growing with nature is an experiential journey of self-awareness and nature connection that child and parent embark on together, inviting you to a life that is more purposeful, present, and playful.

Each month, we immerse ourselves in the elements and tune into what is happening in the natural world around us. The rhythm of seasons becomes the rhythm of our homes. With gentle guidance, we explore the wonders of nature, fostering a deep and meaningful connection that lasts a lifetime.

Our approach is centered around the universal language of play, which is why we incorporate holistic play, simple nature-based crafts, wholesome recipes to make together, healing stories, and mindfulness prompts into our program. These activities help us navigate the journey of parenthood with presence, a sense of wonder and an open heart.

Tune in to nature, unlock a world of creativity and inspiration, and rediscover the beauty and magic of the world around you. 

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