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Join us as we gather to celebrate the seasons and explore all that the Earth has to offer.​

Our Little Explorers Nature Playgroup program allows parents to disconnect from their busy lives and re-connect with their child in nature. 

We aim to keep our sessions child-led, interest-based, experiential and in tune with the rhythms of the season. There is however a gentle rhythm to guide our day, which provides a comforting structure and predictable routine for our children.

We use simple practices and sensory, play-based activities to awaken our senses to nature. Children and carers have the opportunity to express their experience creatively through crafts with natural materials.

Activities include sensory play, nature art, storytelling, gardening, sewing, tinkering, preparing food, exploring in nature and plenty of opportunity to play, explore and discover at your own pace.

For children 0 to 6, accompanied by an adult.

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