Inspired by the forest school and wild-schooling movements, yet adapted to the unique Australian environment, Big Scrub Nature Play was founded in 2019 with the mission to instil children with a long-lasting love of nature using the universal language of play.


With a focus on community and values such as kindness, gratitude and responsibility, our holistic programs are designed to nurture mind, body and spirit. Fully immersed in nature, children are allowed the time and freedom they need to embrace their unique gifts, develop a strong sense of self, and of interconnectedness to the natural world.

Find out more about our #Growingwithnature movement or join our community through one of the following offerings:


A wonderful morning of nature crafts, sensory play and storytelling for our youngest nature explorers. A gentle rhythm guides our days, while allowing plenty of space for free play and connection



Get ready for a day full of adventures! Forest Kindy is a drop-off, nature immersive program. Children can engage in self directed learning, social and adventurous play in wild nature while led by a gentle and relaxed rhythm



 From nature crafts to exploring ancient sacred arts, to wildcrafting and learning about medicinal plants, our workshops offer a wonderful opportunity to relax, have fun and let your creativity flow