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BUMBLE BEE BREATHING - A Mindful Breathing Exercise for Children

This week we are going to focus on mindful smelling with our children using a game called Smell and Tell.

Bumble Bee Breaths introduce children to mindful breathing in an easy and playful way. This breathing technique can help children feel calm, self soothe and focus. 


Here's how you can introduce and guide your child or classroom through this exercise.

Introduce. "Today we are going to try a fun activity called Bumble Bee Breathing. We are going to use our sense of sound to listen to the buzzy sound that our friend bees make. Imagine that you are a very busy bee. You have been flying back and forth, collecting pollen from flowers and taking it back to the beehive, all day long. Oh, you are so tired! It's time for you to take a break."

Practice. "You find a nice big flower where you can rest.. it's so soft and quiet here. You take a slow, deep breath in through your nose. And when you exhale you  make a "Hummmmmm" sound for a few seconds. That's the sound we are going to make."


"When you feel comfortable you can close your eyes (this is optional) and place your thumbs in your ears. Now take another deep breath in, and when you are ready, exhale slowly, making a hum sound. You sound just like a bee!

Let's try it one more time together... As you breathe out notice the vibration created in your lips. Are you ready?"

Reflection. At the end of the exercise ask if they noticed any changes in their thoughts, feelings, or body. Did they enjoy it? Explain that this kind of breathing can help us feel calm and we can use it any time we need to!




Sidewalk Flowers is a series of mindfulness prompts to share with the children in our lives. Part meditations, part reflections, often disguised as playful games or simple crafts and activities, they are an invitation to restore our sense of presence and connection. To slow down, open up our senses, to notice the flowers growing along the sidewalks.


And with that, we help our children (and ourselves!) open up to the wellsprings of wonder, beauty and magic in our everyday life.





Image by Aaron Burden
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