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Children play best:

  • When adults are watchful but not intrusive, when safe ground lends courage to their discoveries and adventures.

  • When their trust in life is whole, when they welcome the unknown, and are fearless.

  • When the world is shared with them. When there are places and spaces they can make their own.

  • When their games are free from adult agendas and when their transformations require no end-product.

  • When their senses are directly engaged with Nature and the elements.

  • When they are free to become gatherers, makers, and world creators in their own time and in their own ways.

  • When they can play with others and make relationships.

  • When they can play alone, be solitary and private.

  • When they can become new selves through their play with others and in their own imagination.

  • When they can reveal themselves, their joys, sufferings, and concerns, without fear of ridicule, and when mystery and imagination are not denied by facts.

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